Cinematherapy: Healing by Watching Movies

Cinematherapy (film therapy or movie therapy) is a process where a therapist prescribes movies to help his patient explore his psyche. After all, movies have long been tools to help people undergoing therapy achieve their goals, such as overcoming sadness or grief.

Cinematherapy come in several types that have different applications. In the United States, some people seek therapy for depression or other serious psychiatric illnesses, like schizophrenia or amnesia. Experts say that prescribing movies to them is like practicing self-hypnosis or meditation.

Nonetheless, the concept of using movie watching as a therapy is not new. Actually, films have been used as a form of treatment since they were first conceived. To understand the long history of using movies as therapy, one must understand first what therapy is. Therapy is an attempt to remedy or heal an illness or a disorder; it is synonymous with treatment.

Almost every type of therapy can be done alone, so obviously, most therapies do not necessarily require a therapist watching movie is one of them. People experience personal moments that defy explanation—those that move them and help them heal—when watching a film. Fortunately, there are now many online free movies for a person undergoing therapy to choose from.

How exactly does cinematherapy work? When going through this treatment, one must sit down and write out the ten best films after watching a number of online free movies. Then, he has to perform a mini Thematic Content Analysis—a step that requires looking for themes that the movies have to determine why they have meaning to him. Afterwards, the person will discuss the analysis with his therapists or other people that he is comfortable talking with.

Today, online free movies no longer have to be purely for entertainment with the emergence of cinematherapy, which is an evolving psychological approach for therapy. A well-written and acted movie often provides a cathartic experience that has a therapeutic value to a particular viewer. If he can relate to a situation portrayed in the movie and is resolved in a satisfying and realistic way, that movie may be a solution to his problems or illnesses.

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