Converting Your MKV Movies for DVD

The recently released Glee 3D Concert Movie is bound to provide fun entertainment for the whole family. In line with the TV shows two successful seasons, the movie is a must-see for all diehard Glee fans. The glee actors sing and dance onstage, performing some of their best remembered songs. The movie is upbeat and you will also enjoy the documentary style additions of the Glee fans in between the performances, making the movie a lot more relatable. Though the movie is in 3D, it will soon enough be in other popular formats.


MKV is a format that is growing in popularity by the day, and is designed with features that incorporate those of a modern container format. Some of these include fast seeking in the file, high error recovery, chapter entries, selectable subtitle streams, streaming over internet and menus like those of DVDs. However, it sometimes becomes a problem to play movies in this format in your favorite player because the format is incompatible with the player. This requires that you convert the videos to compatible formats for your players so that you are not limited to certain media players.


Another problem that you might encounter with movies in MKV format is that they take up too much space on the hard drive, which means that you will probably have to be freeing up memory every now and then. However, if you do not want to lose your favorite movies in MKV format, simply convert it to a more compressible format that will not take up too much space on your drive. You will also want to convert MKV movies to another format when you need to burn the movies on DVD.


The Wondershare DVD Creator can convert your movies from MKV to DVD or any other format that you prefer in a few simple steps. Where other converters might distort the quality of your movie, this software is specially designed to retain quality and do it in the fastest speeds available. You also get 40 static DVD menu templates if you want to include a menu, where you can customize the thumbnail, button and text.

You can even edit and retouch your MKV movie with the software’s in-built editor so you can get a personalized DVD that you can enjoy as much as you like. With this DVD creator, you can rotate, crop and trim all the video file, remove the black edge and even capture your favorite clips. The software’s editor also enables you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and other special effects, as well as add your own watermarks to add identity.


Once conversion is done, the program has a preview option so you can check your project before you proceed burning. The software supports all popular recordable disc types, and you also get to choose between three DVD output formats.


This is the ideal tool when you want to make copies of your movie, free up some disk memory or create backup for your movie collection. For more information, please log onto: