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The idea behind transformers – The storyline

Transformers capture the imagination of many. The idea of transformation from a vehicle to a robot is very appealing. And it is not just any robot, it is a very much alive being and a person too. Transformers are robots with a soul. They think and feel, they love and hurt. That is what makes them so much like us humans. They share all our emotions including all our faults. They can get greedy or evil and that is yet another similarity with us, they are separated by these feelings and aspirations. Two kinds of these robots exist. The good ones, those who share our moral values and fight for the right reasons. They are called Autobots.


Autobots are lead by the very brave and moral leader named Optimus Prime. He has all the quality of a general but also a loving father looking after his friends and family. The reason they end up here with us on Earth is very sad and simple. Their world Cybertron was destroyed by another fraction of these robots called Decepticons. Their leader is called Megatron.


Megatron has all traits of a villain. But he is also much more. He is intelligent and very persistent in his aims. And one must notice that although portrait as a bad one he fights for what he believes to be the only way to save their race. So, even thou Optimus and Megatron are on the opposite sides and are enemies in every possible way they come from the same starting point. They both want what is best for their race. Still there are some differences in the manner they carry out their ideas and that is precisely what makes them so different. Megatrone is not worried about hurting anyone in the process and moral is not his compass and that is what eventually makes him a bad guy. The battle between the two fractions continuous as the time passes by and new adventures lie ahead our heroes.

Transformers Games for Kids

If you are a fan of there fascinating robots you must also like to play the games and take part in this epic battle between good and bad, between morals and ambition. Transformers games do not put accent on fighting, but rather they encourage planning and optimization skills. Some of the transformers games are actually made as classical tower defense strategies. The power of transformation and seeing beyond the obvious is somewhat we should definitely let our kids play with and explore.

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